Grace & Faith

This time no pictures, just tears of joy and sincere prayers of thanks. Here at MH300 I look forward to having readers of all religions, races, creeds, and ethnicities, so I do want to remain conscious of this and careful not to offend anyone. Buuuut I will not compromise my belief in a higher being (specifically God and his son Jesus Christ), so if you have a different religious affiliation that is completely find, hopefully you just choose to not read the particular post and not cut me off completely(because I love my readers). This weekend I’ve become the prodigal son, lost in a world of alcohol and other worldly ambitions I, once again, drunk myself into a stupper, and as I lay on the cold tiles, weak from dry heaving because I had nothing else to vomit, I realized that wasn’t the life for me. At that moment I rededicated my life to God and gave up alcohol and practicing celibacy until I meet my rib(wife). Then God blesses me with $4,000 dollars for summer school and other So I am a new man, with a thirst for knowledge, success, and more importantly, doing God’s will. I’m destined to do great things, but flying planes will only get me so far. I have a heart for the people, I want to inspire you guys/gals and be there for you when you need a friend. This is not just my blog about fashion, this is OUR blog concerning everything under the sun. Feel free to reach out to me and lets live this life together, sharing our experiences. Remember Live Well & Prosper!


Signature Tees

Now we do have to crawl before we walk(it takes years and extreme dedication to build an empire), so the first move is our signature line of t-shirts. I have recently collaborated with a local vintage print shop, “Stamp”, and the first shirt is in the press. If all goes well, then the Crush Velvet Club will have it’s signature line launched very soon. Here’s just a couple of pics from the most recent meeting with the designers and staff.


Stamp's Signature Tee's

Stock Area!

Print Area

Design Room Upstairs

Test Drawings



No Laces!

I figured if I don’t slow down soon my first meeting of Shoppers Anonymous will go like this. ” Hi, my name is Izzy Agnelli, and I am addicted to velvet slippers,” and the crowd says “Hiii Izzy.” But I don’t think I’ll ever be clean. I’ve tried cold turkey but they “Just keep callin me man”(Chris Rock Voice).  I get my biggest fix off of, yep you’ve guessed it, velvet slippers(aka God’s gift to feet). They first originated in Vietnam to show a level of prominence, Japan used them to accommodate guests of western civilizations who were uncomfortable taking their shoes off at the door, which was customary in Japan. Of course Great Britain took this and revamped it during the Victorian era creating the Albert Slipper, and what we know it to be now.  But the original slippers were made with leather uppers until the great Michael Angelo( not the ninja turtle) embellished them with velvet to match his gowns. Fast forward a couple of centuries, and these slippers have gone from exclusively indoor evening wear to being dressed with denim and a linen double breasted blazer(my favorite). Every great man of fashion had a signature style that set him apart, Gianni Agnelli wore a watch over  his perfectly tailored cuffs(sprezzatura), and George Washington Carver wore a fresh flower on his lapel every day(TU). So I am committing myself to velvet slippers( and leather loafers for rainy days), hit me up if you want to join the #CrushVelvetClub!

My Future Closet!

My Future Closet!

The Basic

A lil' Humor


Spring Time


I recently had to make a trip back to my hometown, Atlanta,GA (SWATS,Zone4,Campbellton Rd to be exact) to take a few tests for my degree. I quickly realized that I spent entirely too much time in Alabama. Although I grew up in this magnificent city, I was just a minor and did not experience the nightlife, which includes the boutiques, bars, clubs, or restaurants. Also with me having a part-time job in Auburn, I haven’t had the opportunity to come home often either. So after the tests, me and the little/big homie Nick went out. First stop, SHOUT!

Inside and.......

Inside and.......

Litlle/Big homie put me on to this place, which is in the same building V-103 is located, he also introduced me to it’s $10 Tuesdays.  For ten Washingtons,  you can have all the sushi your chopsticks can hold, and its half-off on every bottle of champagne and wine. So I had a couple of crunchy-shrimp rolls with a bottle of Debortoli Sparkling Moscato.


Me being the fashion enthusiast and clothing connoisseur that I am, I couldn’t depart without acquiring a few items for my collection. So of course I hit up the usual spots to get my fix. My taste has surpassed retail clothier because of the mass production of their items (I’m a boutique, 1 of 1, can’t find this anywhere else kinda guy), but you can always rely on them for the staples of your wardrobe. I showed Nick the first lesson in Shopping 101, you see an item you like, get it in every color. I also visited  boutique in Little Five Points, but I decided that I had spent enough, so I owe them a rack or two when I come back in July.

H&M Straight Fit Chino Short

Urban Outfitters Variety Socks

When I was leaving from Little Five Points I saw this massive structure out of the corner of my eye. After pulling over, I found that these were ladders  strategically placed to look like they were falling.  A real exhibit outside, right in front of the Martin Luther King Center.

Mental Emancipation

I sit back and I observe what today’s society has to offer, and it seems that the possibilities are endless. You can barely graduate from high school and become a multi-millionaire by the age of 22. So why is it that so many people settle for the spoils of apathetic half-witted ambition? I think it is a 50/50 deal. The first 50% is the biggest pimp that has ever existed on the face of this planet, the media. I turn on the television and each channel is littered with so called reality t.v. shows, which are obviously scripted. I see Ricky Rose’s video, rapping degrading lyrics of sexual exploits, violence, drug trafficking, and him making it rain $1 bills in a strip club full of our beautiful black women who prance around completely naked, not to mention the the pile of jewelery around his neck estimated at over $1,000,000. I change the channel and here is a Fox News reporter mistakenly saying “We killed Obama, oh I’m sorry Osama,” which is completely understandable because I even slipped and said it (no hypocrisy here), but multiple times in multiple broadcastings? #C’MonSon America is in the midst of a recession but yet, when I click on the internet, the front page Has “Lindsey Lohan Arrested”, who cares?


Sex remains the #1 promoter of everything, even Disney has it in its cartoons. I am 22 years old and all of this time I didn’t realize that Tinkerbell barely had clothes on. But our children watch this, and idolize Lil Wayne, then completely surprised when kids are having kids in the 8th and 9th grade. Now any sensible approach would try to educate kids and use other preventive measures or we could just make another cheesy reality show full of 14-17 kids taking care of their babies and generate revenue.

What's in there?

I can not blame any television network or rapper for the troublesome conditions that exist. Please do not assume that I am blaming society for all of our struggles, if you noticed I said it was only 50% of the problem. The other 50 is on us, yea me and you, we accept this into our homes and our minds and consume it on a regular basis. We consume it so much that it becomes subconscious, which is the scary part. So now teen pregnancy is commercialized and accepted, now you have a young man who wants to buy the flashiest jewelery or biggest car with the rims to match so he can seem cool, or even worse the young man who waits for the first young man to buy the car, then kills him for it because he is a goon(Thanks Plies, who has a degree by the way). Females wearing less at younger ages, trying to get attention like the video models, or even worse, aspiring to be one themselves( you know it’s a career these days).

As I stated before, the blame is shared, and I can judge no one because I too have been guilty of subconscious coercion, but I have worked to liberate myself. Though it is an evolving task, I feel as though I should share some of the knowledge that I have come to learn. So WAKE UP people, begin to think for yourselves, instead of watching television everyday try to read an hour a day. Research investment techniques so you can put that money in a hedge fund instead of buying that expensive item that is out of your tax bracket.

Sex Sells

Every day, some type of progression should take place in your life, even if it is as simple a learning one new word a day. Life is a gift from God, don’t waste on VH1, make a change, build a legacy, and you’ll soon see how good liberation feels.

M.Blue/7Fig Familia!!

Every great innovator this world has ever experienced did not do it on his/her own; they had a team. Julius Caesar had the Roman Army and Michael Jordan had Kukoc, Scottie, and Denis. Even O.J. couldn’t have gotten off with Cochran and his team of lawyers. So its only fitting that I have my team as well. Now please don’t misconstrued where I’m going with this. I am, in no fashion, comparing myself to any of these men and their feats that have riddled history books and popular magazines for years(in Caesar’s case centuries). I am also not referring to me as the main player with only a cast of associates. But what I do have in common with these gentlemen is a team that will shock the world. We’re more like a family, all Tuskegee Alumni, some sooner than others, but more importantly we all share a thirst for greatness. Not just for capital gain, in my opinion we would rather get paid in fans, the power of influence has a far greater return than any dollar could offer(especially in this economy). First we have to let the world know that “The Renaissance is here,” so from hosting parties at the Soul Inn, to fashion shows in Atlanta, we are spreading the word. GET READY……

Keep the Locs On!!

Sir Pezo


CEO & Founders

Disaster Relief Party

The Ladies!

I Wanna Live..Italian Style!

Some people get caught up in the lifestyle of fame and glamour, lusting for diamonds, cars, and clothes. Well…..I can understand the clothes part, but that desire can quickly become an addiction, and if you so happen to lose that position its a long  fall down back to  where you started. Reality has a way of smacking you in the face and putting things in perspective. Some call it karma, others say its God trying to get your attention from the limelight. But there is a place where every man has a tailor-made suit, and woman a Gucci clutch. It’s not Hollywood, I often refer to it as the mecca, others call it Italy, and 60,221,211 people call it home. Soon to be 60,221,213 once I retire from the USAF, I’ll take my single engine Cessna 183 Skylane to “The Boot” and set-up shop with my wife (kids will be grown).

I adore Italy because everything is produced with a quality standard, and of course it is affordable (no export taxes to ship to America). From the premier silk to the freshest grape vineyards, Italy offers something that only a few countries can.


DB Patch Pocket Linen Blazer

Of course my friends and family know that I am addicted to fashion, but I am a rookie, I don’t even have my degree in tailoring yet. But even the most novice of fashion enthusiast can see that there is a standard of dress like none other in Italy. No 4x tall tees, snap-backs, and glittery fake chains. Trade in the snap-back for a Fedora , that Jesus piece for a double windsor knot, and those J’s for Velvet slippers (preferably Stubbs & Wooton).

DB Blazer and Velvet Slippers

Italian Style!!

Italians are considered the rebels of fashion, setting themselves apart with soft shoulder lines, no vents, and bold statements with color (as you can see to the left). You don’t shop in gargantuan malls and shopping centers, streets filled with boutiques offer a surreal shopping scene and exclusivity that you just can’t seem to find in America.

Italian Boutiques

Of course the cuisine speaks for itself. Instead of that Fatburger with a large fry and a milkshake, you should try the Beef Braciole cooked in a tomato and wine sauce with a side of Risotto Milanese and garlic mashed potatoes. Then wash it down with a Cabernet that was grown across the street.

No Mcdonald Here.

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